at what point does facebook targeting become less effective.

Sure, we’ll always be accurately able to target by age and gender. But, what about interests, likes, etc. Those things obviously change, and people don’t really update those, and sometimes they are much more excited about those things than other times, where they would be moved to act right now vs maybe couple months from now that interests kind of fades.

I mean, if you’re a human, your interests/hobbies/activities are going to change rather quick.

Which makes me think, depending on niche you’re targeting, it’s probably good idea to compare when that certain thing was a trend and if it still is. If you’re targeting certain musician for example, once they do have a big hit song, they’re going to get alot of likes and interest on fb obviously, but in few months they’ll fade away, but they’ll still have those people liking them.

So if you target that, your ad won’t be as effective, even though they might have a big demographic.

So it’s probably a best idea to see how the actual target is actually performing within google trends and really base your targeting on that, than just basing it off # of people the keyword reaches.

The Article Published IN 07-21-2011 10:46 AM

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