Attempting mobile campaign on POF

Just launched a mobile campaign on POF and am getting a great click through rate on my creatives.

However, my issue is that the CPA network I’m working with is only showing about 50% of my clicks.

I’m using CPV lab for my tracking and I’ve tried changing the redirect type to "Direct Redirect (send)" to speed things up a little but that didn’t seem to make any difference. The clicks on CPV lab are showing up 100%.

Any insight to this? Is it just something "normal" and to be expected with mobile advertising?

Many thanks in advance

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Did you read this:…obile-networks

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thanks deondup, I hadn’t thought that it would apply to pof since it isn’t really a mobile network but just re-read it again and dieter’s post in that thread makes sense even for pof traffic.

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Yeah, PoF isn’t a mobile network. What he’s doing is using the "Browser Type" filter and filtering it to just iPhone and Android instead of filtering those two out.

I’ve toyed around with some mobile offers like that but never got anything going – to be fair though I didn’t try very hard. I may have to get at that in the future but first I’ll need to talk to some of the guys here who are killing it in the mobile field to get some advice. I’ve never had any luck with mobile offers in the past – but last time I ran a mobile campaign was when AdMob first came onto the scene.

Last time I spoke to Riley Pool he said he was doing a case study for his blog regarding running mobile offers on PoF. I don’t know when it will be done but that will probably be worth looking out for.

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Yeah I thought I’d give POF a try on mobile browsers before funding the campaigns I have loaded on Jumptap, as I’m familiar with POF and thought that maybe it would be easier, but given this:

""It is very common, that a click that comes from let’s say admob and is a legitimate one will be filtered out at the advertiser’s end ( mostly by the cpa network), because it does not match their direct requirements,for example you have done all your targeting right,operating system,carrier,even handset then their system detects that this customer has a prepaid plan,they might filter your click out.You lose. "

I think I’m better off going straight to Jumptap as at least the carrier, handset etc can be specified which hopefully will result in much less than a 50% click loss. On top of that, the Angry Russian said in his presentation at the meetup that there can be a huge difference between coversion rates between the different variables (ie carrier, handset etc) which makes starting with Jumptap more sense.

In any case, I’ll be really interested in seeing Riley Pool’s results.

The Article Published IN 06-30-2011 11:00 AM

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