Automatic image recognition for approvals

does anybody know if facebook uses some kind of automatic image recognition to automatically disapprove ads/images that have been disapproved before….

it happens very often that an image gets disapproved within a couple minutes after resubmitting it…so i have the feeling that this is done automatically. would make sense to me as they are using the same technology to tag friends on images

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anecdotally yes I think they are. Bacon and I spoke at length about it cause he was seeing new ads being declined very rapidly when using images from ads that had been declined previously.

Im sure he will comment.


if I was facebook I would want to streamline the approval process as much as possible and minimise human review for 80% of my ads so they can be really focussed for the 20% that need reviewing!

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Yeah, they seem to have some kind of filter that recognizes previously disapproved images.

Adding a border or slightly re-sizing it will get it through to the review team. Basically anything that changes the properties of the images.

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Yes, I think they are too.

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Ya it works both ways I have seen ads approved within minutes if the "image" and the txt is basically the same….like a 2 min approval… lets say if I am expanding or shrinking my demo with the same ad I have seen silly fast approval times….

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Yeah, I’ve had that before. My piggy bank image was disapproved for ‘over-sized breasts/buttocks’. WTF? It was a PIGGY BANK for goodness sake!

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ya other traffic sources use this to if the image is exactly the same as something approved for your account before then it will auto approve, same thing with denials, but i think its on a account to account basis, if somebody else used the image before and it was approved then i use that same image i will still go through approvals.

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There’s another thread on this forum that discussed this not long ago. They do in fact use something like that. From what folks said in that thread, changing hue/lighting doesn’t work but flipping the image does although that only works once and it’s really easy for FB or 3rd-party to update the algorithm to also check for mirrored images. Lemme find the thread…

Ok sorry, spent 10 mins looking for it, it’s out there, someone even mentioned the name of the possible 3rd party algo they use

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