Banner Ads and CoReg?

I see a lot of people talking about PPV and coreg but anyone doing banner ads and coreg? Curious if it’s worth looking into…

User Comment:
Always worth looking into! Depends on your idea really, if your doing small buys or large buys, bulk URLs or just 1 URL. They all have potential depending on the idea and the CPM rates

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I believe optimex does it. Kinda remembered him saying in the webinar.

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I think you can drive traffic to coreg paths a lot of different ways it just depends on how you decide to promote it.

User Comment:
^^ You really can. Mobile in general is a vertical that is profitable on a LOT of traffic sources where as ex: anxiety leads or stop smoking rebills are not.

This is mainly because mobile applies to EVERYONE (who doesn’t have a cell…), it’s just about your campaign angle, and targeting.

The Article Published IN 10-04-2011 01:33 AM

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