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Stackers Kia ora,

Thought I would give banner ads on POF a try.

Its a Canadian offer, not specific to either male or female. Also does not really have an age restriction.

Anyone suggest how to scale the campaign up … BEN ???

Any replies appreciated.



These are my results after 24hrs …

14 conversions in total @ $8.45us each – I’m paying 0.43cpm.

Banner 1 = 728 x 90 – 3 conversions
Banner 2 = 350 x 250 – 9
Banner 3 = 160 x 600 – 2

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Thats a great result for a first campaign.

I would start with scaling by improving your CTR. I havent done banners on PoF, but the small ads I always aim for >0.1% CTR. If you can get to like 0.14% and retain the conversion rate, you will more then double your profit.

Next – start optimizing the age bands.

Use the conversion demographics report to see which ages are delivering your conversions. Test 45+ out as well.

Weed out the impressions that you are paying for but that are not profitable.

You could also test the CPM by increasing or reducing it slightly to see whether traffic increases or decreases.

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Thank you tijn for taking the time to reply.

Ran 2 reports:

So by looking at those stats would I –

1) Target males only, between 20 & 29.
2) Run another campaign – males between 40 & 49.
3) Raise my CPM bid to say 0.47.

I have also added a French Language banner to the same offer – will get those stats in 24hrs.

Thanks again for your input.


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Hey netspace,

I think tijn did meant the ‘Conversion Report’ within POF. When you first log in to POF, you can find it close to the right bottom corner. For this report to work it requires you to place a pixel within your affiliate network though. It will give the same kind of report like you’ve got above, only it shows actual conversions by age, which would be very useful to know.

Anyways, looks like you’ve got something good going. Good luck with your campaigns

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netspace – yes you can use those but as stocks suggests – I was referring to a different report.

It can be accessed from this link if you go to the page for a specific campaign in the pof interface:

There are loads of stats on it. Probably the most useful one to look at:

Then look at the table on eduction for example:

Based on that I would splittest:

Campaign 1: Highschool + Associates Degree + Bachelors Degree
Campaign 2: Everything else

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Nice man, definitely have a winner here!

As said above increase your CTR, then breakdown all your targeting so you can see whats working… BUT, for the breakdown you should have a bit more traffic, so I’d work on getting better CTR with some new images, then by the time you you’ve tested those you’ll have a lot more stats and can then refine your targeting.

Also big tip i learned from Ben is to target users who have logged in more than 200 times, i was told the CPMs will be way lower!

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