Banner retargetting..share your experience please…

Please share your experience using this relatively new technology.
What ads networks are currently using this? Tips and tricks?
And what downside that we should be aware off

User Comment:
from a preso (ses london ’11):

– Retargeting/remarketing should have a strategy behind it based on individual user scoring and interests
—> not every visitor to the store deserves the same approach.
—> drill down as deep as you can, but keep in mind that (at least with google adwords) you need 500 unique cookies

– Timing is important online just as much as it is offline.
—> right offer, right place, right TIME

– Don’t scare away potential customers by “stalking” them when saturating the market with ads at too high a frequency
—> sistrix, seomoz… bloody stalkers.

The Article Published IN 06-23-2011 07:06 AM

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