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I’m doing a little media buy on a site and just want to rotate multiple banners to see what one gets the best CTR. All other tracking is done via VWO which is sufficient.

Any suggestions?


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It is a system that can be used to manage and optimize the advertising space on one or more websites. It is a tool for web site owners (called ‘publishers’ in the online advertising industry), but also for organizations running their own ad network

In the OpenX Ad Server, one can define websites, and also one or more zones for each website. A zone represents a space on the web pages where ads are supposed to be displayed. For every zone there is a little snippet of HTML code, which must be placed in the site, at the exact spot where the zone should go. This forms the integration between the site and the OpenX Ad Server. It is a one time job, that will take little time for an experienced webmaster or developer. The word ‘zone’ is a term in OpenX, other systems refer to it as ‘location’, ‘spot’, ‘placement’ or ‘position’.

don’t know if it’s a over kill for you

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cheap easy and works great

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Ya go with adshuffle. Will cost you about 10cent cpm, but its easy to use and works well. I basically just said what the unicorn said.

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