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I asked AM on some reliable CPA network for top performing dating offers. He told me top3 and approved me for them. Then I asked him if he recommend me direct linking or to use landing page. He said to buy facebook bannerspace.

Are there really option to buy banner space on facebook or he’s just kidding out with me? He was pretty serious and I really don’t know now what to thing about it. It’s a little bit strange for me because I have never seen banners on facebook and never heard of it.

Who is dumb now? Me or AM?

Thanks in advance

User Comment:
He might have been talking about getting some ad space on apps? or maybe he just calls the fb ads banners?

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I don’t think so, he said that I need to go to "Advertising in footer" and there will be facebook ad platform to but their banners on. I asked him if he think banners like 160×600, etc.. and gave him example and he said yes. I’m really confused a little bit =D

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He must be winding you up, I’m 99% sure they wouldn’t give us access to any banner space – unless we were an agency spending millions with them!

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Only options i know about
– Media agency who distributes banners through facebook
– MSN who owns a bit of facebook banner inventory
– or apps like Firespark said

The Article Published IN 05-05-2011 09:55 PM

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