Best Landing Page Fonts? (Help a noob out!)

Whats the best fonts for headlines / bullet points? What do you guys think. I’m sure alot of you pay people to make your landing pages for you nowdays but I bet you used to make your own when starting out.

Ive provided a list of fun fonts to judge. Possible headline / bullet point fonts on the left. Fun fonts on the right. …ENJOY!…

User Comment:
The only time I don’t use Arial or Impact is if I was try to duplicate the look and feel of an offer.


User Comment:
18 point red tohoma

User Comment:
Arial has been shown to be tops for legibility online.

User Comment:
+1 for arial rounded bold, arial black, and just plain arial.

I’ve also been a fan of Impact, cooper black, and for some crazy reason "cracked" used to crush it for me on myspace back in the day. Every banner i made eventually got tested with cracked text for dating to car insurance lol..

User Comment:
Arial + Impact is pretty much all I use. lol

The Article Published IN 07-26-2011 11:05 PM

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