Best Offer Limit?

Hey, I just got accepted into GT and I’m really excited to get things started =) Quick question though, what do people usually use for the offer limit in their paths?

In the slides, Dan uses 4, and I see 6 offers in random places. GameTheory’s document shows about 3. What offer limit do you usually set?

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You should probably test and see what the punters can stand.

As long as you can track how many of them are actually hitting the final page you should be able to work out what works best.

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The more offers people have to fill out the more you get paid potentially. Does it actually matter if they reach the end of the path or not?

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I guess 6 to 10 is a good number then

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it all depends……what I would def test is what works best when you add the path rev + email sub you are running on the back end….I have seen the email sub do real well sometimes with some paths…you just have to play with it….

The Article Published IN 09-17-2011 04:47 AM

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