Best Place to Unload Overpriced Domains?

In my first foray into online marketing, I spent WAY too much money on a domain that I thought was a lot more valuable than it is. I’ve been holding onto it for years now, and am wondering what the best place to put it up for auction would be, given that I’m hoping to find someone as overly-optimistic as I was

Every once in a while I see crappy "premium" domains on GoDaddy with ridiculous prices on them, so I was thinking of trying there. Any other suggestions?


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Namecheap has an auction type thing to sell domains. You could try a site like Flippa too – people sell domains on there without sites, I think.

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Thanks. I’m thinking there are probably sites with less savvy users than a or style site, where people are less "clear" on monetization/actual revenues…

The Article Published IN 07-28-2011 01:59 AM

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