Best PPV Network with European Traffic

Hi guys,

I want to promote some offers in Europe through PPV. I have NO experience with this source of traffic and therefore I want to help me with some ideas or how to start.


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European traffic is unsaturated $$

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Can someone help me with a script for cloaking paid/free, no matter, it is important to be effective.

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Your best bet would be LI as they are the only with decent volume of intl traffic.

However their intl bid prices are mostly higher than US which makes no sense at all.

You could try other pop sources , not PPV , that have better prices but require larger investments ( ValueClick Media, Xtend Media , Gungoo , MegaClick etc )

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Hi bbrock, my offer is a system about making money with forex and I need to target my audience by ages (22-45) or with keywords.

For example on facebook I have a conversion rate of 60%. You know what is the average cost per click for the networks above, what do you mean larger investements?

The Article Published IN 07-31-2011 06:24 PM

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