Best Time to run dating offers

Last week i put a dating campaign on facebook. International. Males 30 – 50. General Dating. Single Opt-In.

I had the best results on monday, tuesday, wednesday from 7 PM until 12 AM. 100%+ ROI.

On thursday & friday results where not as good. Just breakin even.

During the weekend from 10 AM until 9 PM i also had a 100%+ ROI.

What are your experiences for a broad dating campaign on facebook ?

User Comment:
I think it depends on who your targeting age wise but the best success was after 6pm and mondays and thursdays always did the best…..I always chalked it up to people coming off a lonely weekend signing up on mondays……and thursdays people are looking for dates for the weekend….

just my 2 cents anyways….

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I don’t even bother running my dating ads before 7pm local. Mon-Thurs evenings on FB would make sense as people are on the computer just trying to unwind from the day. However, I’ve had my best results running dating ads on mobile phones on Friday and Saturday nights, you know, when the lonely guys are sitting in the bar or in front of the tv, staring at the phone, wishing something would happen…

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Did a small test today. The age range 45 – 50 performed as good as on the weekends. Other ranges didn’t do well.

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It’s not just about age and location, it’s also about the demographic of the people you’re targeting. If they’re blue collar types they’re likely to not be online from 8am til 5 or 6pm, and even then maybe not until later due to family, dinner, etc. White collar types might be online throughout the day, since they probably work in an environment with a computer. I’ve found that a lot of higher income bracket types browse dating sites during the day. Go figure.

Alternately, if you’re targeting a really young demographic (teenagers, college kids, etc) they may not be online during school hours – BUT you may be able to target them with mobile campaigns during that time.

Basically what I’m saying is you need to know more than your targeting. You need to learn who your audience is if you want really want to monetize them.

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Sunday is my best day personnaly, like 25 to 50% better than the average

User Comment:
Different niches, different times. Sunday is good, Thursday seems to be the lowest.

User Comment:
Run for a week, then day part.

If you don’t you leave money on the table.

NEVER assume anything.

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