Bevo Spy Tool Any Good?

Hey all,

I was just searching around and came across the bevo ppv spy tool. I read some reviews and some said it was good and some said it was crap. I find it hard to believe reviews anyway.

It’s pretty pricy, especially for me, but has anyone actually used and benefited from it? Is it any good?


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I briefly had a look at it when it launched but didnt find it very useful over and above what normal spying (ie surfing with hotbar installed) offers.

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speaking of which.. anybody use SpyFu? any comments/reviews?

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i tried the bevo ppv spy tool a few months back, i had high hopes for it.. but it didnt meet the expectations.

the software itself was fine, the problem was with the data:

1) all the pops and data were severely outdated. at least 6+ months outdated. tons of xmas themed pops in mid-may
2) tons of the same exact pops repeated hundreds of times (makes it seem like their product had a lot more data than it really actually did)
3) no data showing how long a campaign or pop has been seen or running (missing the most important data of all)

and there were a few other data issues but i cant remember what they were off hand. but with a few modifications, this really could be an awesome tool, but for some reason its being presented in a neutered format

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I tested it and didn’t like at all…

Better spend that money on testing your own stuff.

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there is another site similar to bevo’s @, but its been in beta for eternity

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That’s pretty much a no goer then.

‘surfing with hotbar installed’ – is that for LI?

How do I get it?
Is there a way to get it and controlling when you get popups, other than buying another laptop?


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another similar site i just found is

i have no experience with it, though. it appears new, domain name just registered 2 months ago.

has anyone tried this one or know what its all about?

User Comment: has been shut down for months and isnt working.

I know the creator personally and he has no plans to do anything with it.

his bots got caught by the traffic sources and he has moved onto other projects

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