Beyond Hosting — Network Connectivity Issues — Aug 3rd/11

Hey guys, just a fast post here.

We are indeed having some connectivity issues on an off at our facility here in cincinnati, we are doing the best we can to minimize the impact of these outages and hope to have no further connection issues tonight.

Storms earlier this morning have made the connection to our core ISP unstable and we are working with them to resolve the issue. While we do have redundant ISP connections the 2ndary connections are not configured to handle the full mass of the traffic volume we handle and we are avoiding oversaturating them as much as possible.

Sorry for any downtime, were still at 99.99% and our SLA is 99.9!

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Thanks for the update dude!

User Comment:
Thanks for the update. I was freaking out for a couple of minutes. But, fortunately, just for a couple of minutes.

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My VPS seems to be working again. Such awesome customer service. Had a response to my ticket within 2 minutes!

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As of right now all connectivity should be restored to normal. Sorry for the inconvenience guys.

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