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I understand the concept of bidding in adwords and how your bid can change according to your results (quality score, etc.).

But having the highest bid in CPV is always better?

I mean, there is no first or second place, just a higher or lower frequency of popup impression according to the bid.

So, is it always better to have the highest bid in expensive terms (lots of competition), or it is simply a matter of how fast your budget is spent?



User Comment:
Simply put, being the 1st position gives you the most volume but not necessary the highest ROI. So to answer your question, it’s not always better to be the first. You need to find the optimal position to make the highest ROI for your campaign.

There are some instances whereby the first bidder is bidding way too high for you to make any profit and the 2nd position is 10 cents away. So knowing your EPC could not match up to the first bidder, would you outbid the 1st or stay @ 2nd position to make 50% ROI?

User Comment:
Yeah, thanks, stupid me, I didn’t consider the ROI. In this phase I’m testing offers and LPs, so that’s why I’m heading to the highest bidder, but once I have found something that works it seems wiser to test lower bids and balance volume with ROI.


The Article Published IN 08-13-2011 12:45 PM

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