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Hey STM-members!

I’m currently creating an bizopp campaign with a landingpage –> flog —> offer. The flog will be created by a specialized agency, hopefully it’s compliant

My problem now: How can I get a very high clickrate on the flog? What kind of landingpages do you suggest?

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Hey good luck with this, couldn’t get mine working after optimizing my landers and split testing flogs. At least what the PPV pops consider #2 did the best for me.

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Mr. Green in a different thread mentioned success with bizopps on PPV using the flog as the actual pop, just resize it to fit. Try that…

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I used to run a compliant article type page similar to what you call a "flog". We popped it direct and it did decent. However the data that can be collected running a creative in the pop vs. a full page is such a better way to go. Then you can see what url’s have good interest. Also, one of the keys to ppv is your page loading fast and a full lander doesn’t load nearly as fast a creative.

The Article Published IN 08-08-2011 01:12 PM

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