anyone heard of this site, or tried it out?

is it spytool or something much more than that?

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Decided to see what it was about. My comments:

You get what you pay for. Don’t expect a lot.

They show campaigns from different categories. There aren’t that many listing . . . less that 200 in all categories. In about 5% of the listings, they have the target where they found it. (It wouldn’t be too hard to do this with the spying techniques discussed on the STM forum in a day or so.)

They list a few sites that didn’t put an index file in the main directory, so you can go and download everything they have.

They list about a dozen tracker URLs.

They provide a few scripts. Nothing you won’t learn here (e.g., how to GeoIP).

Probably not worth the money at this point. Although, I guess it would good to continue to follow at $10 per month to see if my sites/tracker shows up. 🙂

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is it a forum or an actual tool like what bevomedia has?

User Comment:
It’s not a tool or a forum. It essentially a wordpress blog where they post findings.

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