‘Broad’ target dating on facebook…what makes it work?

I’ve been trying to crack the ‘broad’ dating markets. By broad I mean aiming for single males in a region, AU for example, tight age groups and that’s it. No KW or anything. In international markets even keeping it that broad may result in a group of only 250k or so.

when I’m making these ads I keep the copy simple and use regular girl pics. I must have burned through hundreds of pics at this point and don’t have any >.1CTR ladies that facebook will approve anymore.

Headline would be something like: Find a Girlfriend Today!
Body: There are 1,000’s of single women in your area using [dating site]. Sign up today!
Create a profile and quickly start browsing through pics today with [dating site]!

Highest CTR ad out of 150 after running for a few hours and probably 30k impressions is .074%. That’s not getting me the CPC or the continued impressions I need to be profitable here.

Elements of my CTR (the obvious issue here) are the image, headline and body.

Image: Do I keep running through pics? Keep trying to find a balance of pissing FB off and getting consistent approvals?

Headline: I try to subscribe to the Angry Russian principle of keep it simple and real. On the other hand, ‘people’ often say headlines like "Meet single women" won’t work anymore. Considering how important image is, where does testing the headline come into play when you’ve got 150+ images testing at a time? How good does the image need to be for me to even bother testing a new headline?

Body copy: I’m not even worried about this right now

And a much larger question, Am I being and idiot by even trying to target this wide? It it something people just don’t do and I’m misinterpreting the meaning of ‘broad’ or ‘general’? Should I stick to finding angles to attack?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. I’ve been trying to get into this area for a while for the volume and I have -$ to show for it so far.

User Comment:
IMO this worked well 2 years ago. I can’t make it work anymore. The combination of approval problems and blindness to dating ads makes it very tough. If you’re lucky you can get some boobies though but it will eventually get disapproved. Headlines won’t make or break your ad – at least it won’t make the difference between a 0.05 and a 0.15.

Its still possible on INT offers – and I’m not talking Australia and Canada. Find more obscure countries and try the direct approach there.

You have to be smarter than the other 99% of marketers who are doing exactly what you are doing.

Volume is deceptive. If you can’t make a dating offer work with a 20k demo then you definitely won’t make it work with a 200k demo. Target tightly, optimize and expand from there.

User Comment:
Deon hit the nail on the head. There’s just too much competition these days to go in with a broad demo. It’s possible, but very hard. Also when you go broad your ads will be seen by everyone and you’ll have 40 copy cats within a week. Just look at real world products, if you want to create a product these days you need to make a niche product such as collapsible furniture, or a hybrid alcohol of rum, whisky and scorpion blood. You can’t just bust into the furniture market with a basic couch anymore, you’ll be eaten alive.

The Article Published IN 07-02-2011 04:59 AM

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