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Just going to keep this thread for just questions I have so I dont create a bunch of threads. Please feel free to give any input on what things I’m doing that is dumb or good.

Trying out the charlie sheen approach with PPV. Using the poll style LP stackman provided. Have 5 email/zip submits in rotation for iphone/ipad. Since I’m new to PPV I will be asking really dumb questions so please bare with me so I can get used to PPV.

What is a decent LP ctr? Today I did 770 impressions with 26 clicks(according to EWA) and 1 conversion. So That is about at 3.3% CTR. What CTR is good to AIM for, 10%?

I’m using the kobe/lebron lp but obviously adjusting it. Also keeping it $10 a day so far. Should I raise that? Oh I have about 300 targets. Obviously I should add more but its hard sometimes to get urls that have activity. All the ones I scraped had very little activity and I was #1 at .01 bid. I had to add a few more urls like to get a little more impressions.

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– CTR has some very wide ranges on PPV based on what your targeting and how ‘targeted’ it is to your landing page. It’s really hard to say in general, but if your targeting urls to a charlie sheen landing page you should be aim 10%+.

– Raise it more than 10$ a day if 1 – 5 of those URLs (ie: are eating up the majority of your budget. You’ll probably see much higher conversion rates from the longtail URLs but it may takes 5+ days to see a conversion on any given url because they get such little traffic.

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@ Mugga, what PPV source are you using? Test multiple sources and make sure you track each URL for conversions!

When using PPV, I keep (or discard) URL’s based on ROI…NOT CTR. Same goes with LPs. CTR is just one piece of the puzzle, whereas ROI should be your biggest deciding factor whether to keep (or discard) a URL.

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ROI should really be the only deciding factor. CTR doesn’t matter at all if your ROI is 300%… I assumed Mugga was talking about landing page CTR.

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