Bulk / Batch Banner Creation

Is there a program out there that will let me quickly create banners of different sizes? I’m using Adobe Fireworks and copy / paste is getting old

I have:
10 images
9 titles
4 ad bodies

I’d like to set the canvas size and general layout
Select the images
Input titles
Input ad bodies

Have the program make all the various combinations and spit out jpgs.

I know its a long shot, but thanks

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Check out Photoshop’s "Scripts" function

You should be able to do this with layering.

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i looked into it. i’m not much of a scripter so i think it would be too difficult for me to setup. any other recommendations?

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You only need the banner ad rockstar.
But IMO, it’s quite rigid.

I prefer to use photoshop and whip stuff out.

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something that may help…3038#post23038

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Thanks. That was exactly was I was looking for. Got the program followed instructions cranked out a ton of ads.

Now, in the video, you said you think it was too many creatives. I’m on POF, gonna give the IABs a shot. How many would you test at a time? I trimmed it to 7 pics, 5 titles, 2 ads for a total of 70 banners. Whats the best way to test them? Just run 5 at a time? I test a lot of creatives normally to try to avoid banner blindness, but obviously it takes a while. So would you just randomly select ads or would you split test all the pics at the same time or all same title?

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