Business Account Email – Who got this?

Received this mail a few days ago:

"As a valued customer we would like to open a Free business account for your ads on Facebook and give you 200 Eur voucher to test it

The business account allows you to have an account manager for all your queries +"

Who got this mail too ?

So i was thinking about the pros & cons of a business account:

Faster approvals?
Unlimited spending?
More easy to get stuff approved?

More account monitoring?

Just guessing …

Anyway, i will try it out soon. Weird, that i got the mail because i hardly spend 100 USD/Day on that account !

User Comment:
ive got 3 of them, and there isnt much benefit from what I can tell.. but then again Ive always had a rep

User Comment:

Do they create a seperate account?

User Comment:
I find the rep to be worthless….and as far as the rest of it is concerned there is no difference besides the larger daily spend

The Article Published IN 09-02-2011 09:47 PM

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