business as?

hello there gurus. etc…

i am in service sector and doing good but

i passionately want to own an online entity BUSINESS.

is there anyone who actually making and living large i hope basically off media buying CPA.

must i register as LLC, corp S ?
have a business bank acct under which name? do u have 1?
which IRS forms needed for an online business?

lastly 1st .you discover a successful campaign and few of them
and only after do the above?

there are many courses but nobody goes into such details.

User Comment:
step 1 – I would def take the next day or so and read thru the forums a bit…..

step 2 – start simple…..I personally would never recommend media buying to anyone when they first start out…..PPV/social traffic are your 2 best bets….get a feel for things then move on to other things…..

User Comment:
whoever moved this post thanks so much. and for advice.

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