Buying Gold?

I’m looking at buying a batch of gold bullion coins.

Anyone physically bought some?

Any tips? Or things I should be wary of?

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I’ve always had an unhealthy interest in gold Krugerrands. (see: Can’t say I’ve ever invested in bulk gold though so I can’t help you there.

If you have the liquid cash assets to front it, you could open a "Cash for Gold" shop – they’re real popular in the US right now, there’s one on every corner in the rougher neighborhoods of most cities. You buy people’s unwanted or broken gold jewelry, send it out to the refinery and melt it down into bricks. You could probably get the gold a lot cheaper that way, which would nearly guarantee a profit on it even if the prices don’t go up that much.

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buying coins is like buying stock, meaning your going to buy more then they are worth to cover the "spread". Then the gold has to appreciate up and over the spread to get you to break even.

doing the cash for gold is the best way to get a lot of ROI out of it quickly.

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buy those investor minted bullion coins… i’m a gold and silver buyer too… good time to be buying gold now coz its gonna spike up even more…

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on there are many articles regading buying gold –
i’m getting his newsletter and besides other things he has tips about where to buy it, where to store it… have a look and maybe you find something interesting

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yes. 2 things!

1. why are you buying at the top ?
2. what are you doing for storage and insurance? If you are not using a secure bonded institution you just set yourself up to be a target.

[spent 2yrs in florida dealing with seniors and their ‘love’ of gold as an investment… btw… what is the income stream off gold…. THERE IS NONE!… until you sell]

but if you like the ‘shiny-shiny’ go for it.

it could be worse and you invest in restaurants or cars

and if Ivan can predict the gold market then lets do some forex and stop f’ing around.

WAAAAAY more money in financial then IM. IMHO

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I have bought some before and just store them at my firesafe at my home. It was not a large purchase (under 10 ounces). I would just make sure they are from a respected brokerage house and that they are certified to be 99.99% I have some from an exchange in Australia and another in England I believe.

There are services out there that will buy and store them for you if you are buying a large amount. Personally I would still want them and get a safe deposit box with a bank.

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For a no bull shit precious metals company you can’t go wrong with Peter Schiff’s Euro Pac Metals avoid Gold Line AT ALL COSTS or you will lose your ass. They have a 75% mark up over spot on American eagles, you fucking kidding me?

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Look at or for larger purchases

Avoid numismatic/collectible coins as they charge higher premiums, stick with straight bullion & take delivery …

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A really good investment newsletter to read is The Palm Beach Letter, it’s only $49 per year and the dude who publishes (Mark Ford) it is worth high $xxx,xxx,xxx.xx – he knows his shit. I’ve been subscribed for a couple of months now and it’s really smart stuff. Not all of it is 100% relevant to me as I’m UK based, but there’s still lots to be taken away from it. He has an awesome report about buying physical gold – where, when, how etc. and that alone is worth the yearly fee imo. That should answer your ques (y).

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Mr. Green i’ve noticed you’ve taken quite an interest in some different types of investments (which i think is cool), but are you putting any money in to the market?

Honestly if your looking for a good investment putting your money in the stock market isn’t a bad idea. 4-6 well diversified and picked stocks are going to give you (hopefully) a good return and the ability to earn dividends. It’s also a fairly liquid asset that you can always cash in if need be.

I think the gold market is hot, but i agree with phoenix you’re most likely buying high. If you’re already investing and looking for other fun stuff then disregard, but thought i’d put that out there.

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I have bought gold and silver, coins and bullion. Most important thing, reputable seller such as a company with history. I have bought most from "silver gold bull", there price is slightly higher but service is great.

You earn only when you sell.

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buy those investor minted bullion coins… i’m a gold and silver buyer too… good time to be buying gold now coz its gonna spike up even more…

Ivan sorry but are you a prophet or what?

and what phoenix said, 1. why to buy when on top?

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you can buy gold from some stock website etc, those are also gold like assets and giv you profits and loss

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