Has anyone bought from any properties on BuySellAds? I’m about to test some web development related services on there… Just a lander and checkout process

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Probably spent about 12k there just fucking around, some halfway decent stuff, but spent quite a bit more just contacting their pubs for direct deals which has worked out pretty well. Wish they’d let me run my own adtag and I would buy more through them but they told me they have no immediate plans to do that.

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I’ve purchased ads from BuySellAds for the past two months.

It’s not bad but you need to double check the sites in Alexa that you are interested in advertising on as I found many that looked like they were getting a lot of traffic but the traffic was from India and other countries and I was looking only for US traffic/leads.

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They have a private label for their system.

The Article Published IN 06-26-2011 03:23 PM

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