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As my experience is with CB, figured I would contribute to the forums with my "process" for promoting health products through CB, something I have been doing successfully since I started AM.

Product selection, there are 3 things I look at when I am selecting a product.

  1. Gravity – I never promote product with under 10 gravity, they usually have low gravity because the product doesn’t convert, and I dont want to waste my time finding the products that "might" convert
  2. Payout – Pick something that pays out over $30, some people might say cheaper products sell easier etc, but in my experience (100k in sales with cb health products) the price point doesn’t matter, if you market the product correctly the price doesn’t matter.
  3. Competition – You can check the competition by entering the keywords in MSN,bing,google, or use googles keyword tool to check competition. I dont enter a market if its flooded or highly competitive mainly because of the high CPC you run into. Not saying that it doesnt work this is just what I do.

Now that you have a product you need a website. All my sites are wordpress and I use the theme flexibility 3. Its an easy theme, with great options. Easy to customize.

On the sales page I usually split test 2 different sales letters, 1 is a general information article, which just gives some information and then "If you would like to cure xxxx click here"

The second sales letter is a hard sale letter, "get this product before you die because its amazing" maybe not that hard a sale but you know a hard sales letter. ( Check the product sales page sometimes they have a "review" that you can grab easily for testing, and then tweak for what you need.)

Now you have your product, website and sales letter PPC campaign setup. The easiest part.

This is how I build a PPC campaign, and for me this is a no brainer.
Lets say I am promoting back pain here are the keywords I would target.
back pain
back pain cure
back pain cures
back pain remedies
back pain remedy
back pain natural
back pain treatment
back pain treatments
back pain homeopathic*
back pain home

NEVER use symptoms, I have never had this keyword convert for me btw

There might be 1 or 2 more that I use but that is 90% of the keyword I load into a campaign. I use MSN adcenter, never google, since they hate "bridge" pages. In adcenter for your keyword check Phrase, exact and broad.

Copy this campaign and run it on search, and another campaign on the content network, helps your CTR and quality score.

Another tip in adcenter, I have the campaign set to run on search partners also, but on their partner websites they have alot of good quality health websites, and sometimes you can get better conversions having a campaign DL from search partners, so split test that.

That is how I setup a Health product PPC campaign using a CB product. Nothing fancy just thats how I have done it. Using this method 50% of the campaigns I launch are in the green.

I hope this helps someone.

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very awesome post….

just a few questions…..

what kinda avg ROI do you see from these…or whats a good goal to shoot for….

longevity of the camp?

and on content are your mainly doing links or image ads?

any problems direct linking on the big g’s content network? esp with the basic ebook stuff?

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I still do alot of Clickbank and let me say something about Gravity. DON’T pay attention to it.

There are products with low gravity making huge money.

Gravity: Number of distinct affiliates who earned a commission by referring a paying customer to the vendor’s products. This is a weighted sum and not an actual total. For each affiliate paid in the last 8 weeks we add an amount between 0.1 and 1.0 to the total. The more recent the last referral, the higher the value added.

One affiliate could be doing 6-figs/month and it would have a ‘low’ gravity

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Index, true about gravity, I have products with low gravity that convert well but the percentage of my successful products are 10+ gravity. Exceptions to everything right lol.

Polarbacon, I have some campaigns that have been running for 2 years while some get saturated after a few months, but for the most part the campaigns generally last a good while.

The ads that I run on man content network are all text ads. And with direct linking I have had no problems but I have een hearing that they are cracking down on dl.

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Couple of questions
1. Are your sales pages like the normal CB pages, ie. single column?
2. What about length. I know normal CB sales pages can be very long. Are your pages similar in length? How long in pages?
3. What’s your average CTR on your landers?

I do some CB work but just use a 1 page lander with mixed results. This may be another route for me.


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1 They are wordpress 2 columns
2 length of my "review" is usually 500-1000 words
3 30-50% depending on niche

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Nice thread… Are you using the same number of keywords on your content network campaigns?

Im looking at this from the standpoint of a vendor, so as a successful CB affiliate, if there is anything you tend to see in the higher converting health products id love to hear it.

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The products that I see which convert the best, are ones that know their market inside and out. Use terminology that only their market would know, and are "sincere" in their sales pitch.

A "I feel your pain and here is how we can help" sale page performs better then a " This is the most amazing product since sliced bread"

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Sliced Bread…….Where are you getting Sliced Bread?

Good stuff


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quick newbie question, if am doing a fb add, do i real need my own website, cant i just direct link, whats the diff?

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Originally Posted by pitts2011

quick newbie question, if am doing a fb add, do i real need my own website, cant i just direct link, whats the diff?

You absolutely can direct link, however, creating a landing page can add either social proof, a presell, or a mixture of them to convince them to buy.

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From my experience, I have never had a health product from CB convert better direct linking vs a landing page.

Landing page + presell > DL

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hrm i’ve always hated adcenter’s UI… it was so slow… but i am definitely going to take another shot at this… does adcenter have any form of Quality score problems?

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It’s hard to understand how their QS system works. You can bid on "", send traffic to and get 1/10 QS.

Also although Adcenter is a lot more affiliate friendly than Google, they will stop showing all of your ads, if you don’t follow their advertising guidelines (no Exit pop-ups and having a full privacy policy page are two major aspect they’re looking at).

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Alex is right, I just found out the hard way. Not only that but the filter will apply to ALL of your campaigns, not just the one that they take issue with. After talking with a rep there she told me that the filter will clear up 24-48 hours after I remove the offending campaign. 36 hours down and still waiting………

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What is your LP CTR and product page CR?

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bump this, i think many should read this post, nice one

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@ faclez – good stuff… i’ve been very curious how ppl are promoting these weight loss videos…. looks like you’re split testing 2 different style "presell" pages?

how many pages are on the site other than that presell?

And msn adcenter has no issues with the site/LP?


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Very cool post.

What’s your bidding strategy on Bing?

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what does the "bridge" pages mean?

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Originally Posted by 278771141

what does the "bridge" pages mean?

Way to bring this ancient post back to life.

A "bridge page" is simply a page used as a "’bridge" from your ad to the offer. You may ask for an email, or simply just pre-sell the user on the product they’re about to see with a clever angle you came up with, or simply outlining some key selling points.

TL;DR–A simple page used to promote an offer.

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