campaign negative in bidsystem

Hello i am new, began a campaign in of direct link in bidsystem.adknowledge , got 100 click and only had 2 leads.

inverted $ 10 and got $ 3.20= -$6.80

believe it would better promote a better landing page, or is better to use other more effective means of advertising.

The promotion was a free dell laptop

User Comment:
$10 really isn’t much to go by. I’ve had periods where $100 yields $0 whereas later in the day another $100 might yield $200.

Before you draw conclusions your data needs to be statistically relevant. In your case you probably have a $1.60 payout so you do need fewer data as opposed to a higher-payout offer.

That being said, there is probably a lot of optimization you can do within AdKnowledge. I’m not familiar with their interface but I would presume they have a way to break down traffic by traffic source so you can see your eCPC and if you have tracking set up also your eCPA etc.

I would recommend as their platform is extremely user friendly and easy to optimize.

Good luck.

User Comment:
Thanks clickright

The Article Published IN 08-16-2011 08:12 PM

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