Campaign Post-Mortem: Last Minute Valentines…

I thought I’d post my results for a campaign I had running over the last couple of days, to get some thought on whether I actually did anything wrong, or if it’s just one of those campaigns that failed for no good reason.

My angle was to target people on 13th/14th Feb, who still hadn’t sorted their shit out and got their nearest and dearest a Valentines gift. My targets were picked from using "last minute valentines gift" as a search (and a few variations).

The offer I went for was KGB Deals on Neverblue. It’s very similar to Groupon and pays $1.50 for an email.

Here was my lander:

and here are my stats:

I actually thought my CTR was pretty good. It was my conversion rate which was abysmal. A CR of around 15% would have been break even for me.

I ended up spending around $15 and made only $3.

The Article Published IN 02-15-2011 08:30 AM

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