Can I Run This on Adwords?

After a lot of help from members I’m ready to test running traffic to my Job Magnet System product.

Can I run this on Google? Can I run it on Bing/Adcenter? If not, what changes should I make, or do I need to build a big site to send traffic to?

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You’re going to have issues running that on Adwords.. maybe not immediately but it won’t take long before you have issues.

You for sure need to index the site and build it out with some content, backlinks, press release, etc.. What I would suggest is to go to places like the Warrior Forum and buy solo ads from ppl who have email lists related to your offer.. most guarantee a certain number of visits to your page. It’ll be inexpensive test traffic and don’t risk your Adwords account for now, you can build up the site in the meantime and run it on adwords later.

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@mrpayne – thanks a lot. I don’t want to risk my account as I have other things that I definitely can run on there as soon as their landing pages are set up. The site does have content indexed, backlinks etc but it’s not a huge site. Also it’s not linked to from this landing page so I guess that’s a problem. What’s the etiquette at Warrior Forum? I’ve always avoided that site. Can I just sign up and buy solo ads from people with lists?

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The Warrior Forum is pretty straight forward, as with any forum, the majority of the content on there is BS. But there is good stuff on there too.

As far as solo ads, create an account, you won’t be able to PM anyone until you reach like 50 posts or something but go to the Joint Ventures Section and you can post on other peoples threads who are selling solo ads, ask them questions about their list type, click guarantees, price, etc.. make sure they have other members who have vouched for their mailings so that you know they are trustworthy.

The most vital part is to be sure the email lists are targeted to your niche as much as possible.

Also, for Adwords pursposes, you most definitely want to add some textual content to that LP, you don’t want it to be straight imagery.

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mrpayne – Thank you for your help – I really feel I will get somewhere soon with all this. This is really hard compared to SEO.

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