Can Someone Explain How To Do Proper Keyword Research


I hope someone can help me with this as I have asked in other forums and never get a straight forward answer.

Basically I always fall at the hurdle of keyword research.

I usually promote CPA, Clickbank but Amazon products mostly. Once I have found a bestselling product on Amazon bestsellers I am then usually stumped as to how to perform proper keyword research to reveal good keywords for SEO and PPC can somebody help explain how exactly to do keyword research for both SEO and PPC please as this would give me a huge boost.

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The best tool for this is your brain. Think about the mindset of the person who’d be interested in your product/service. There are different consumer stages, those who are just surfing/aren’t even interested in your product, those who are comparison shopping, and those who know what they want and are looking to buy. Each of these groups potentially uses different keywords.

The easiest way to start if you want to go about this very simply is, do a google search for the product, click on the top-ranked pages, right-click on each of them and see what keywords they are using in their titles/metatags. Next, take some of these keywords and put them in google’s keyword tool. This will give you a slew of related ideas to consider.

Another idea is to do a google search for your product and click on "related searches".

There are a million free tools/strategies like these out there that are absolutely simple and will help you identify how to get 90% of the available traffic. Just see what keywords the top competitors are using and go from there…

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Great thank you for your reply.

Can anyone else give their methods to keyword research?

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For quickly churning out mass keywords, I like using Keyword Suggestion Scraper (

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for google content camps that could be a quite awesome tool……

I have found better results on search with "less is more" ……test like 50 or so very targeted keywords…….and see what comes back data wise…..then expand if its working

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