Can you get deleted creatives back?

I think I jumped the gun by deleting what I thought were under performing creatives in my campaigns before uploading the Clickbank conversion reports into T202.

One of my US campaigns received 2 conversions last weekend. However the creative itself in POF only got 0.072% ctr which is below my 0.1% threshold so I deleted it today. But on uplaoding my conversion report I discovered it had actually received 2 conversions for that particular creative.

Can I somehow retrieve that creative to resume it again? Or are deleted creatives lost forever, so I have to simply manually enter it again?

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I don’t think you can undelete them. I never tried though so I might be wrong.

I never delete anything on PoF. Not creatives, not campaigns. Underperformers get paused or set to inactive. You never know when you might need to check them again, even if its just to keep your ego in check and remind yourself that you still write bad ads on occasion 😛

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@z6marketing Thank you sir!

Silly silly me!!!! I didnt see a pause link so I just deleted them. Now I realise I should have just unchecked the Active box! Aaaaargggh!!! Grrrr (to me)!!!!!

Oh well, we learn from our failures. And our failures get us closer to success. I sure wont do that again as I’ve deleted so much valuable data too. I probably have deleted 30-40 creatives until now. At least I can see the numbers in my Creatives Reports.

Anyway Ive uploaded the same creative again. Let’s see how it will do again for Round 2.

The Article Published IN 07-26-2011 04:06 PM

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