Capitalize the first letter of each word?

I typically always capitalize the first letter of each word. I haven’t done any split testing.. But was wondering if others do? I’d split test some campaigns, but they may not be approved again
Side note: Everyone seems to hate facebook and there approval process. But I like this game, kind of a challenge.

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In headlines and titles, capitalizing every word is fine. In body copy, don’t do it. It makes shorter things like titles stand out more but it makes large blocks of text harder to read.

This Is The Headline – Do It Here.

But don’t do it here in the body copy. Never use all caps either, unless your headline
is really short – one or two, maybe three words. Using a single all-caps word in the
start of your headline is fine, though – I find that "INCREDIBLE!" or "IMPOSSIBLE!"
etc seem to work rather well, depending on the nature of your offer, of course.
You could do the headlines with initial caps (capitalize only the first letter of the
sentence, like I’m doing here) but in my experience that doesn’t do as well. Read
Ca$hvertising if you haven’t already, he discusses things like this (as well as fonts,
font sizes, colors, placement, layout, etc) in detail. Ogilvy on Advertising is another
book I can’t recommend enough, as it covers a LOT about typesetting and layout.

Now imagine if you had read that last huge paragraph with every word capitalized. It wouldn’t have been fun, and I doubt you would have gone through the whole thing.

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thanks for the feedback. I’ll have to change my copy then on my next campaigns. Also if you need some amateur dating pictures(free), feel free to pm me. Have a custom scraper.

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