Case Study A Trip Down Memory Lane – Popups from

Case Study A Trip Down Memory Lane – Popups from 2006

I stumbled across this today and it was quit an eye opener.

PPV popups from 2006. If you look at these – actually very little has changed


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Haha very cool. I’m liking those "3 easy steps" section. It would definitely help getting the quality of leads up.

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Very nice from the FTC to host these images

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Haha! Love that tag / sub-headline:

"The Only Place Where Real Women Look To Satisfy Their Needs By Any Means Possible"

Great find tijn!

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the chain of URL re-directions that led to the display of the ad is highlighted in yellow throughout the ad’s packet log

uH ??

Can someone explain what was the problem with these ads ?
Why FTC hosted all of them ?

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That’s awesome!!

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dario -> i think this was part of the case that buried the previous incarnation of Lead Impact.

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