Case Study Benefits of Social Proof: Case Study w/ CTR/CR

Case Study Benefits of Social Proof: Case Study w/ CTR/CR Stats

While i was gone for a few days i got a cool test going comparing the CTR & Conversion Rates of social proof vs no social proof on a landing page. I started adding social proof to my landing pages VERY early on in my affiliate marketing days and i use it in some way on almost all of my campaigns! It’s just one of those things i personally favour and i’ve seen countless times it’s positive effects on landing pages.

I’ve conducted a similar study for my blog, but i won’t be sharing the part that shows ‘Facebook’ at the top w/ the blue line, which plays a huge role in the high CTR! This tactic also does really well when targeting single URLs for PPV. — By creating a top bar on your page saying ‘welcome <sitename> users’, your connecting with users in a more personal way then just telling them the benefits of XYZ.

I’ve tested an IQ test offer on Facebook using a social proof landing page, vs one with no social proof or ‘previous site callout’

Quick note:
‘previous site callout’ is just the name i’ve given when you mention the site the user came from before landing on your page. (usually added somewhere near the top, and using same deisgn/color from the previous site.

Offer type = IQ Quiz
Country = Canada

No social proof, or previous site callout on the header!

21% Landing Page CTR
926 clicks to the offer
20 leads
2.2% CR

Social proof/header callout!

38% Landing Page CTR
1349 clicks to the offer
36 leads
2.7% CR

Almost doubling revenue with social proof, and a callout from Facebook!

Another Option
– Facebook doesn’t like landing pages that say ‘Facebook’ on them, it’s not a huge issue, but they’ll sometimes disapprove your campaign if they feel like it because of this. Also it’s potentially copyright to say welcome ‘Oprah’ fans on your landing page. I personally am not worried about it, but if you are, this is how you can still use social proof along with an indirect site callout:

– Think of ideas like this, and you’ll be golden
– Also geotarget the people at the top for even better results

The demo + ads are the key to IQ! You’ll need to do lots and lots of testing until you find images that bring in a good CTR, while the body copy of the campaign helps increase your CR. Facebook doesn’t like mobile, but i seem to get it through quite easily.

User Comment:
Good case study, what sort of cpc are you seeing for that campaign. I recently tried out an IQ quiz but used an angle more (direct linked) and got around a 1.3% conversion rate from that – just in the process of trying to bring cpc’s down.

User Comment:
solid case study!
keep producing solid stuff like this and you might as well change your sales page to say "Only 49 spots will ever be available" because I’m here to stay!

User Comment:
For those of you getting IQ approved – are you cloaking? or running compliant versions of the offer? I’ve submitted over 1000 ads related to IQ (direct linked) and had every single one disapproved, when I asked why, FB told me everything was fine except apparently the price + billing interval were not shown on the actual text msg sent before the user fully opts in. I used to do a lot of mobile on FB but ever since I had my main account banned last year, I haven’t been able to get a single new mobile ad approved with my new accounts.

User Comment:
haha will do!

I almost always bait/switch for any offers, i hate getting ads disapproved for minor discrepancies so i do this to prevent that. I also run compliant offers half the time, I’ll always split test, for a while in the US i had 1 offer doing better then all the others i tested and it was compliant mobile. So overall i’d recommend cloaking if you have a great script, otherwise bait/switch forsure and try to run compliant, even though half the facebook reviewers will disapprove compliant offers because there dumber then a sack of potatoes.

(when i said i get IQ through quite easily, i forgot to mention i bait and switch — it’s just second nature to me because i always switch once approved)

User Comment:
When you bait & switch such offers, what kind of page/site do you use whilst waiting for approval?

User Comment:
Also did you manage to get this one profitable? I’ve been doing abit of testing in the UK and can’t seem to get clicks under .10 as easy as I did about a month ago – using the same niche/similar angles.

User Comment:
Hi Stackman,

This is great, I could imagine this campaign converting.
Can you kindly give us a Landing Page sample used for baiting (for facebook approval),

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