Case Study Seen my recent PPV blog post? (here’s info

Case Study Seen my recent PPV blog post? (here’s info i didn’t tell the public)

The Post…art2-tv-vs-li/


Stuff I Didn’t Include In The Blog Post

I let Adon/DirectCPV continue running, here were the stats. With more URLs DirectCPV has potential with this campaign, just needs some testing.

Spent: $17.60
Leads: 1

Direct CPV:
Spent: $10.35
Leads: 3
*Just profitable along with TrafficVance

– To maximize profits you should target "" and "" on Lead Impact. For the case study we targeted just which will pop the ad on unrelated traffic because LI allows anything that ends in ‘’ to get the pops. TrafficVance doesn’t because they have a more complex algorithm.

The full landing page we used

User Comment:
Lol in another niche I have the same exact stats, where LI is profitable and TV isnt 😛
Funny how that works, none the less great study

User Comment:
How the hell did you get that image and target "" approved on TV? I once tried a pretty similar image and never got it through on TV…

User Comment:
He changed it after approval just for the sake of the case study…

User Comment:
just a quick question out of curiosities sake.. if you had direct linked the campaign… even if the person immediately X-ed out, wouldnt ur tracking cookie be the one to get credit?

User Comment:
He isn’t bidding on the offer url so he wouldn’t be cookie stuffing.

That would happen if he ran a benaughty offer on .

The Article Published IN 06-30-2011 01:39 PM

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