Challenge 2011 starts 1st September

The Challenge 2011 (Ed Dale & Friends) kicks off on 1st September 2011.

This used to be the 30 Day Challenge. Its been around for years. Its FREE. It used to be about SEO but its changing.

They delayed this years Challenge because of what Google is doing with +1, Google Plus, and most importantly the changes to SERPs.

It started me off in Online Marketing.

Ed is one of the few "Guru" people I listen to because he has a nose for sniffing out next years big opportunity.

He went mad about Twitter a year before it blew up.
He changed his business to be all focussed on Facebook – again a year before most other marketers even had a presence on Facebook or used FB Ads.
Last year he focussed heavily on Market Leadership which now with Google’s Author Rank becomes even more critical.

This year is gonna be big. Mobile, Facebook, GooglePlus

Stay close and keep an eye on this years Challenge.

If your starting out – its one of the best intro’s to creating an online business I have seen.

If your experienced – keep an eye out and watch some of the videos as it will give you a healthy injection of trends & changes in online marketing that could improve your business.
(last years landing page)

To get a feel for what this year will be about, or if your not familiar with Ed, watch this recent webinar about GooglePlus changes (ignoring the sales pitch at the end):

User Comment:
I’ve been following them for about 2 years already! We may come up with a 2011 Challenge STM Mastermind group.

What do you guys think?


User Comment:
I loved the challenge when I was getting started. Only issue is Ed is one of THE MOST long winded people ever so get ready to sit through hour long videos knowing only about 10 minutes of it are worth it.

If you’re not a complete n00b find someone who summarizes eds videos, usually some blogger, instead of wasting hours watching him blab on and on.

User Comment:
"Ed is one of THE MOST long winded people ever".


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