Ciao from Itally


I’m from Italy

I do IM from 2001 and I live wealthy,

I’m here to make new smart friends and learn more strategies!

I love ppv, mediabuys and selfmade products…

all I can watch 5 minutes/day and cash money at the end of the week

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Welcome…..This forum is a great place to get money making ideas….. enjoy

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Hi Ropulos, welcome!

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Ciao e buongiorno da Berna / Svizzera. Purtroppo non posso parlare italiano. Ma mangiare. 😉

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Welcome to the forum!

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greetings and welcoome

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Welcome to the community mate!

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Ciao! Benvenuto 🙂

The Article Published IN 07-12-2011 02:35 PM

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