Click Through Rate

Defined: %visitors that click on your ad or landing page.

CTR without [wiki]Conversion[/wiki] is pointless.

Reference posts

The MEGA CTR Guide

  • Basics
  • Choosing Angles
  • Images
  • Making ads
  • Photoshopping your images
  • Social Proof
  • Tools
  • Tricks


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Stop Being So Damn Clever With Your Ads

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Getting & editing your images

Legit Dating Images

Editing in Photoshop for higher CTR

How to make people bleed

Create 100s of images with 1 click


3 Facebook Ads With 0.5-0.7% ctr

Crazy banner ad competition – great for inspiration

High CTR Dating Angle = Passion + Hot Girls

Images for high CTR with Women

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Watching your users

Picture Search Engine

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