Coder Looking To Make Life Easier For All of Us

Coder Looking To Make Life Easier For All of Us Using P202?

I think this should be an really easy mod for a coder to do for p202 so maybe someone can do it for us all!

Anyways, you know what you have a campaign run for like the first day, you go in p202 and pause all targets that are bad in your traffic source, then comes day 5 lets say, and you do the same thing, however, when you sort in p202 by 5 days you have to still go through the ones you already paused.. and when you got a long campaign going i dont know which day i paused what and just end up re checking them all and wasting time…

Any way someone can add an option or like a small check mark to make paused targets in p202 like yellow in color? that way we know what we already paused before when checking back..

I would love you forever

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While you are at it change the the timeout for being logged in to a few hours rather then 15 minutes or whatever it is set at.

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Have you considered switching to cpvlab tbh….its well worth the price…..

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I second @polarbacon’s recommendation.

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I changed to CPVLab a round 10 days ago and haven’t looked back. It kicks ass – and there is some killar stuff to come soon according to Rob (developer).

Their tech support is also excellent.

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I hate cpvlab. I have it and its soo hard to see whats going on in the dashboard.. The campaigns arent color coded and when you have a ton of campaigns its get soo messy in the system… prosper202 is just cleaner and muchhhhh easier to read and how it groups the campaigns by network etc..

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I’m with vidivo. I liked CPV labs but now I’m back on prosper. Also looking for a Prosper developer so if you want to make some money and help me modify the program hit me up on PM.

The Article Published IN 08-03-2011 06:13 PM

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