Commission Junction for CPA offers (from an Advertiser’s perspective)?

Anyone have experience as a CPA advertiser with CJ? We’ve got some download offers live with them but they are getting little traffic, and what we do get is poor quality. I know some CPA stuff does work with them (dating comes to mind), but does anyone have first-hand experience/suggestions as a CPA advertiser with them? It’s pretty much self-serve, and nothing is happening…


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I think its the fact that they are one big hodge-podge of offers….with no real AM’s and fucked up approvals….makes for a less than interested publisher….I know some guys(publishers) who do biz there but its not really what I would call legit stuff…..

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CJ was the first network that I signed up with and I was completely Unimpressed. EWA on the other hand, is fantastic!

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Yeah, got basically zero volume from them, they are a dinosaur, even the big ecommerce brands should get off their ass and just run their own internal programs. You’ll do far better with one of the third party affiliate tracking providers and advertising your offer in front of relevant affiliates.

With all the industry shows, forums, blogs, meetups, facebook groups and even linkedin, its not hard to track down top publishers for any vertical.

The Article Published IN 10-05-2011 09:31 PM

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