Competing Against Yourself On FB – Good or Bad?

What do you guys think about competing against yourself on FB?
Running not only several campaigns, but MANY… targeting the same demo.

I’m in a weird situation. My demographic shrunk from 47k to 10k in the last month. I have no idea why, except FB probably not counting smaller groups or fanpages in their ad-targeting anymore.

So to mop up every last click… I’ve currently got 34 competing campaigns running, all active. Yet it still is only taxing me about $135/day on avg. About 80 clicks (give/take).

Am I raising my own demos CPCs?
Should I be pausing anything less than my top 3 campaigns & ads?
Opinions/insights… would be greatly appreciated.

User Comment:
34 campaigns? WTF? Why that many, im sure you could do what your doing with just like 3 max… 34 seems excessive..

User Comment:
I’ve always found that when I have more campaigns the traffic on some begin to die down.

User Comment:
I’ll try to pause all campaigns but 3…
And see if my traffic is equivalent.
It would be hell of a lot easier if so.

The Article Published IN 06-08-2011 04:11 AM

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