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Hi everyone!

Has anyone had any experience with content unlocking networks like Leadbolt and BlamAds? It’s an area I’m interested in breaking into it.

How are people promoting content unlock? More specifically, what content works well when ‘locking’.

I thought about content unlocking films but is this dodgy ground as the material is copyrighted? I’m pretty sure CPALead are quite hot on this.

P.S – Does anyone know the ‘good’ content unlocking networks out there?



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Well, I may be partial but BLAM is pretty badass. We’re seeing huge revenues from arbi affiliates and webmasters; it’s refreshing to see after all the restrictions going on with display (social / ppv / media) that people can still make money.

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I have extensive experience using content locker setups to promote content – but largely via spam traffic from social networks. There it’s relatively easy to have really huge days by promoting any kind of eye-catching/shocking content. In reality though, considering the amount of traffic that it takes to achieve such huge numbers, it’s not really realistic to monetize paid traffic on this kind of content.

For example, "OMFG Justin Bieber gets straight up homo with the Jonas brothers VIDEO!!!!!"

This would blow up with traffic if you were spamming Facebook or Myspace, but your actual CR or earnings per visitor would still likely be abysmally low.

That being said, if you can get them to CLICK on an offer on the content gateway, you can typically see EPC’s of between $.10 and $.40 pretty easily. This also depends a lot on the network you are using, some just perform better than others with automatic offer selection on. You can also raise your EPC substantially by taking charge of the offers your gateway runs by manually choosing the top performing ones. If you’re using paid traffic and only targeting one country, this is of course a lot easier to manage than 40+ countries if you are getting whatever comes your way which is what usually happens when spamming.

With all this in mind, I did also try a few of these setups out when I switched to strictly paid traffic a few months back (reformed spam master ).

I didn’t find a single campaign that I could get profitable with paid traffic. I was using media buys via platforms and effectively paying around $.01 per click to get them to my LP, and still I couldn’t get a positive ROI.

Now I’m not saying that it’s impossible to do so, on the contrary I am quite sure there are a lot of people out there KILLING IT with content lockers and paid traffic, but I am certainly not one of them. I do intend to get back on this at some point soon and do some more experimenting, and I’m 100% sure I can find something that works, but like anything, and even a bit more in this case, it takes testing and money you can blow on gathering data.

As far as the niches that work best with this kind of setup, yes TV shows/movies work GREAT, but now a lot of the networks will ban you for trying to promote them. The issue doesn’t seem to be so much the copyrighted material, rather they receive complaints from the copyright holders as they tend to look out for "watch online" type sites. I say this because I have promoted a lot of gateways based on copyrighted material without a problem, granted they had nothing to do with "watch online" type stuff.

The nice thing about content lockers is that the ways to use them are virtually unlimited! You can literally make your own offers! Just use a bit of creativity and frame what you’re promoting in a clever way that doesn’t break the network’s TOS. Quick examples that have worked well for me are: shocking videos, games, free content like ebooks and scripts, the latter of course being promoted by legit targeted traffic from SEO websites.

The "good" networks out there? I have worked with CPALead, Adscend, and Whitefire. Whitefire always performed the best for me, though let it be known that it is owned and operated by a 17 year old dude! Be warned, though I have always been paid by him.

I also have done a bit of work with BlamAds, but only joined recently so I can’t really comment on how they perform on volume. I actually used BLAM for a bit of the testing I did with the paid traffic and I do plan on using them primarily once I get back into testing this stuff, I have heard good things about them.

So the bottom line is this:

Do content lockers work? Yes.

Do they work with paid traffic? Yes, but it would take some digging to find a profitable niche. I expect they could do very well with PPV traffic where it’s easier to target content to users that would actually be interested in it!

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