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Hey Coreg ppl,

I’m having trouble deciding what the best way to monetize the emails I am getting from doin coreg. Since the users aren’t necessary opt-ing in to a subscriber list what can I really get away with pitching to them?

Does this make it difficult for me to use a service like aweber, mailchimp, or icontact because i will get a lot of complaints and get banned?

Would it just make more sense to sell it off to someone else for a price?

Because the method I am using for coreg itself is on the shady side, do I really want to press these people further?

What are your recommendations?

– thefalcon

User Comment:
I get them to double opt-in in aweber, then send them some freebie offers.
When they click the confirm link, they get sent to a freebie offer as well. I’ve seen most of my conversions come from this.

The double optin rates aren’t great, but that’s what I’m doing now until I can stabilize my RPUs.

User Comment:
how much do you expect to make off each mailing?

let’s say.. 5% end up double opting? 15% convert on freebie offer? further emails convert etc..

In addition, what kind of pitch are you using? I’m hesitant to even relate to the coreg: "oh hey, sign up for this thing you didnt specify you wanted. also we suckered you into a mobile offer. have a nice day!" I’m thinking that I want to act independently and just see if they end up double opting.

In any case, I feel like each email i get from coreg is in the single cents category in terms of mailing value. I’ll squeeze whatever I can get out of it, but just want to get some other ppl’s opinions on the best way.


User Comment:
Yeah , just give it a go.

Double opt-ins will be low , but it’s still better than smth.

After getting them on the list I would hit them with daily deals , email submits etc.

User Comment:
Yeah I wasn’t doing double opt-ins…hadn’t sent anything to the list but one broadcast and got banned from aweber due to spam complaints.

User Comment:
Email submits haven’t worked to well for me. Next test is higher paying unrelated offers.

User Comment:
I’ve done well with email submits, but I think they ultimately dilute a list’s value, because it will multiply the amount of marketing emails these people receive, making it less likely that they pay attention to later emails from me. But if you can’t figure out anything else to do, you can do a one-time email like "Needed: 5 Justin Bieber Fans Today Only!" (Obviously changing this based on what type of list you have). And then describe the special opportunity awaiting them

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