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So how would one determine which target is doing good for you if you had multiple targets for a Coreg campaign? Right now I don’t have a way to check so I can eliminate targets that are not working versus the ones that are winners.

I don’t see how I could track this in cpvlab. I tried running subid reports in Silver-Path and find it returning nothing. Not understanding here how we can determine which offer in the path have converted as well. So far I just look at the RPU and look at the time there were conversions. I just want to make sure this is all trackable like on CPA networks where we place a pixel on each offer and able to track each that converted. What’s the best way to do this for Coreg path offers? Can we place a pixel somewhere in Silver-Path or GameTheory? Sorry I just am not getting this. Very confusing.

Anyone care to share

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Since SilverPath and GameTheory are revshare they can’t place pixel ( it’s not a fixed payout ).

Only way to track is to pass the subid to their url.

In the most simple case you just pass the keyword as the subid and you can check later in the subid report.

The more advanced way that gives you more info is using P202 and passing the subid it generates to the path.

This way you can upload revenue reports later and have all the data you want ( keywords that converted , group by trafficsource , day parting etc ).

Here’s a guide how to set up prosper do do that :…-by-Step-Guide

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Hi Besmir,

I think I almost got the process down with my p202 tracking my coReg campaigns. But we still couldn’t figure out how to pass variables after p202 redirect (go.php)…or do we even need to use go.php to redirect to step 1 (data collection page) in your Walmart example?

I could tracking landing page CTR from index > Step1 but I can’t seem to know whether subid has been passed correctly to SP/GT – there isn’t any data on the report when I hit my own path.

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How can I miss this. I should do more digging before asking anymore question. My bad.

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