CPATrend Official Thread – Questions/Comments Welcome!

Hello everybody,

My name is Philip Shapiro, I’m the owner of the affiliate network CPATrend. CPATrend was established in January of 2010, and since then has become one of the most stable, trustworthy networks in the industry with a flawless track record of network-wide quality, as well as prompt/early payments.

What do we focus on?

CPATrend focuses in the following verticals: Dating*, Gaming, Financial (particularly Credit Reports), Bizopps, and a touch of EDU.

* — Dating is our largest niche by far, and we have just about every single quality dating offer out there, with more coming in next week. Some are private, so don’t forget to ask about our private offers .

I proudly welcome you to read the [actually real] reviews about our network:

If you are an affiliate and apply to CPATrend, please write "STM – <username>" in the comments box of the application and we will expedite your application.

Apply Here:

If you are an advertiser, please contact me to discuss how we can provide your offer with high quality traffic, leads, or sales.

Questions? Comments? Good Jokes? Leave them here, or feel free to contact me!

I look forward to speaking and working with all of you, as well as becoming a respected contributor here at STM!

User Comment:
Having worked with Phil now for well over a Year and a half I can say he’s one of the most solid, trustworthy and credible guys in the industry. He will bend over backwards to get you offers, pay on time, and do everything in his power to help you succeed. CPA Trend gets an A+ from me.

User Comment:
Its been an absolute pleasure working with Andrew from CPA Trend over the past couple of weeks. You guys are, in my books, are the only other network up there with EWA in terms of support, selection, professionalism, and payouts (and i’m a huge EWA fanboy) . All said, I look forward to working and growing with you guys on an ongoing basis.

User Comment:
Thanks Gaurav! It has been a pleasure working with you also!

User Comment:
Just want to highlight some of our top offers for you all.

– BeNaughty US (web based) DOI – Gauranteed highest payout in the industry. Very high EPC’s (feel free to ask for specifics).
– All Cupid Plc. FB Apps — performance based payouts, still the highest payouts/epc’s in the industry for about 10 months now. Email traffic only.
– Tons of other dating offers.
–, FreeScore360, and others in the credit niche.
– We currently have several severely high converting gaming offers and tend to focus on SOI MMORPG’s. We have TONS of gaming coming in within 1 week (probably sooner) that we’re very excited about. Look out for these.

Feel free to check out our offers and reviews at the following:


Offers:…te_offer&bcp=n &…end&offers=all

We’re very proud of our reviews and offers .

Don’t forget, STM applicants will be expedited over other applications! We will start you on bi-weekly payment terms immediately upon approval.

Look forward to working with more of you! So far the caliber of publishers on STM has been excellent!

User Comment:
You guys are the shit! I’m a huge fan of Andrew, he has been super helpful and an awesome AM to work with. These guys rock – join this network if you haven’t already!

I just wanted to brag on you guys some! Thanks for everything!

User Comment:
Thanks a lot for the kind words Andrew! You’re the man .

And yeah, Andrew’s great. He busts his back for our pubs!

User Comment:
Applied Phil, looking forward to working with you guys

User Comment:
hi philip,

i tried but system is giving an error. seems the system is down.


User Comment:
Hey Guys!

Matt, I added you on AIM so hit me up when you have some time to chat.

Amit, the system didn’t appear to have any downtime but here is the direct link to our application

Look forward to talking to both of you soon

User Comment:
Missed your call the other day Andrew, sorry about that. Been waiting to catch you on AIM but haven’t seen you on there yet. Is there a time you’re most likely to be on?

User Comment:
Hey Matt, he’s on AIM 24/7 and is currently on. CPATrendAndrew. Also, you can call him back at 646-652-6619.

Look forward to working with you!

User Comment:
Just submitted my app

User Comment:
I submit my app today.

User Comment:
I get deny application for your network.But i’m not serious.

User Comment:
Crankzappa, spoke to you via PM — look forward to you resubmitting your app!

Dakik, we will contact you tomorrow — our time zones are pretty off, so Andrew will reach out with you to schedule a time for a chat.

Intento — I’m not exactly sure what you mean. You were rejected? Or you’re kidding about saying you were rejected? Feel free to directly contact me about your account if you have any questions.

Thanks to everybody in the for signing up with us! You’ve all been great.

User Comment:
Just wanted to drop by and say I’ve been running with these guys for a few months now and they’ve turned into my favorite network by far.

The support from both Andrew and Phil are awesome, they’re there whenever you need them. They will seek out specific offers/landing pages for you and make sure you’re getting top payouts as well.

Can’t wait to meet you guys at ASW!

User Comment:
cpatrend has also become my favorite network also, philip and andrew are available like pretty much 24/7, and talk about on time payments, you can even get surprised sometimes and get early payments with these guys. they work very close with advertisers and if you have good quality traffic believe me they will get you the best prices on offers, also i have yet to see a network get a offer for me that fast after i request it. Hands down man these guys are on top of there game.

User Comment:
I have worked with Phil now for about 1.5 years, he is a very good person to work with, always there to help.

User Comment:
We appreciate the love guys . It’s been a pleasure working with all of you as well!

User Comment:
Just wanted to drop a list of all of our direct dating deals:

Web Based:

1) BeNaughty (US, AU, CA, UK, FR, ES, IT) SOI and DOI
2) Click and Flirt (US, UK) SOI and DOI
3) Flirt (US, AU, CA, UK) SOI and DOI
4) Be2 SOI (AU, UK, CA, NZ, NL, BE (French and Dutch versions), FR)
5) Mate1 SOI (Mate1 Brand, as well as white labels –> Sweet or Saucy, Saucy or Sweet, Angel or Vixen, FortyPlusSingles)
6) SpeedDate 18+ (converts on image upload)
7) Sugar BBW (US/UK) DOI
8) Shagaholic (US) DOI
9) and SOI
10) Just Hook Up, Rude Finder, etc.
11) (Indirect, but Direct payout, and we pay!)

FB Apps:

Cupid: AU, CA, UK, US, FR
BeNaughty: AU, CA, UK, US
Click and Flirt: AU, CA, ES, FR, NZ, UK, US
Flirt: AU, CA, FR, IE, NZ, UK, US, ZA
Girls Date for Free: AU, CA, UK, US, FR

(We can get others upon request as well)


BeNaughty Android App (AU, CA, UK, US)
BeNaughty WAP Iphone/Droid (AU, CA, FR, NZ, UK, US)
Cheeky Lovers WAP Iphone/Droid (AU, CA, UK,US)
Cupid WAP Iphone/Droid (AU, CA, UK, US)
Flirt WAP Iphone/Droid (AU, CA, UK, US)

Hit me or Phil up to discuss/start running any of these offers

User Comment:
applied at 08 feb, did not get any info yet.

User Comment:
Hey Richardx, I apologize for this — with the influx of applications, sometimes applications get overlooked. We will reach out to you tomorrow morning/afternoon! Thank you for applying!

User Comment:
Just submit my application, my email is [email protected], thanks

User Comment:
Hey Kutubol,

Thanks for your application, I believe you spoke to Andrew regarding your account. We were still waiting to hear from your reference — we will follow up again.

We recently sent out an email with our newest offers, here it is:

1) (18+) – Females
2) (30+)
3) (50+)
4) (35+)
5) (30+) – English and Spanish LP
6) (25+)
7) The New Apple iPad – Mobile – Email Submit
8) Best Buy Email Submits – Mobile Optimized
9) Linsanity Email Submit
10) Walmart Email Submits
11) –> $5.00/lead, 3 field submit
12) –> $5.00/lead, 3 field submit or FB connect.
13) National Treatment Network –> $5.00 lead, 1st page submit. Addiction treatment.

Don’t forget that we have in various countries!!! Be2 AU, CA, FR, NZ, UK, BE, NL!

Pay Bump: (various LP’s) was bumped today from $3.50 to $3.90!

As always, we’re always happy to work with new STM members and all STM are automatically set to bi-weekly payment terms.


User Comment:
Just wanted to give a list of our dating offers. ALL of our dating offers are direct to advertiser except for one (, for obvious reasons).

This is a raw list, and does not say which offers can be run by which sources, but we’ll be happy to discuss any offer with you.


Ads For Sex (SOI) US, CA, UK, AU 24+
Am I Sexy (FRA) DOI
Am I Sexy Fra CPS
Amateur Match (SOI) US, CA, UK, AU 24+
Angedelamour FB App- FRA
BB People Meet 30+ (US/CA)
Be2 AU 30+
Be2 BE (Dutch) 30+
Be2 BE (French) 30+
Be2 BR 30+
Be2 FR 30+
Be2 NL 30+
Be2 NZ 30+
Be2 UK 35+
BeNaughty Android App Install AU
BeNaughty Android App Install CA
BeNaughty Android App Install UK
BeNaughty Android App Install US
BeNaughty AU (WAP) iPhone/Droid
BeNaughty CA (WAP) iPhone/Droid
BeNaughty Dating – FRA Only! 25+
BeNaughty FB App, Males 25+ AU Only!
BeNaughty FB App, Males 25+ CA Only!
BeNaughty FB App, Males 25+ UK Only!
BeNaughty FB App, Males 25+ US Only!
BeNaughty FR (WAP) iPhone/Droid
BeNaughty FRA (WEB) SOI
BeNaughty NZ (WAP) Standard
BeNaughty UK (WAP) iPhone/Droid
BeNaughty UK (WEB) -SOI
BeNaughty US (WAP) iPhone/Droid
BeNaughty US (WEB) SOI
BeNaughty US CPS WAP (SOI) (Web) Males 25+ Dating – CA Only! 25+ Dating – IN Only! 25+
Black People Meet 30+ (US/CA)
C-Date BE (Dutch) 18-29
C-Date BE (Dutch) 30+
C-Date BE (French) 18-29
C-Date BE (French) 30+
C-Date CH (French) 18-29
C-Date CH (French) 30+
C-Date CH (German) 18-29
C-Date CH (German) 30+
C-Date CH (Italian) 18-29
C-Date CH (Italian) 30+
C-Date DE 18-29
C-Date DE 30+
C-Date NO 30+
C-Date SE 30+
Cheeky Lovers AU (WAP) iPhone/Droid
Cheeky Lovers CA (WAP) iPhone/Droid
Cheeky Lovers UK Males 25+ (SOI)
Cheeky Lovers UK Males 25+ DOI
Cheeky Lovers US – FB App
Christian People Meet 30+ (US/CA) US (35-60)
ChristianMingle 18+
ChristianMingle 26+
Click And Flirt FB App, Males 25+ US Only!
Click and FB App, Males 25+ AU Only!
Click and FB App, Males 25+ CA Only!
Click and FB App, Males 25+ ES Only!
Click and FB App, Males 25+ FR Only!
Click and FB App, Males 25+ NZ Only!
Click and FB App, Males 25+ UK Only!
Click&Flirt UK (SOI) Males 25+ US (30+) English LP US (30+) Spanish LP
CougarPourMoi (FR) – DOI
Cupid FB- BE (FB Only)
Cupid UK (WAP) iPhone/Droid
Cupid US (WAP) iPhone/Droid
Cupid US FB APP CPS FB App, Males 25+ AU Only! FB App, Males 25+ FR Only! FB App, Males 25+ UK Only! FB App, Males 25+ US Only!
CupidsWand 18+ Exclusive Offer (US, UK, AU, CA) 24+ SOI
Date Agency 18+ SOI
Date Agency 18+ SOI Exclusive LP US (30+)
DateFirst 18+ SOI
DatingForParents UK (DOI) Males 25+
DatingForParents UK (SOI) Males 25+
Erovie DE 18-29
Erovie DE 30+
Erovie NO 18-29
Erovie NO 30+
Erovie SE 18-29
Erovie SE 30+
Find Me Love 18+ SOI (Profile Lander)
Find Me Love LP2 25+ Various Countries
Flirt CA (SOI) FB App, Males 25+ AU Only! FB App, Males 25+ FR Only! FB App, Males 25+ NZ Only! FB App, Males 25+ UK Only! FB App, Males 25+ US Only! FB App, Males 25+ ZA Only!
FlirtCrowd 18+ SOI SOI US (25+) US (30-60) US (30-60)
Get Any Woman – Pandora’s Box (CPS)
Get Flirting 18+ SOI
Get Flirting 18+ SOI (X Rated LP) FB APP- DE
Girls Date for Free – FB App – AU Only (Males 25+)
Girls Date for Free – FB App – CA Only (Males 25+)
Girls Date for Free – FB App – UK Only (Males 25+)
Girls Date for Free – FB App – US Only (Males 25+)
Girls Date for Free – FB App- FRA Only (Males 25+) 18+ SOI Blonde LP 18+ SOI- Brunette LP 18+ SOI UK DOI (Exclusive) US DOI – (Exclusive)
JDate 18+
Just Hook Up 18+ SOI
Just Hook Up 18+ SOI (Adult LP)
Just Hook Up Adult Style 5 X Rated
Just Hook Up Exclusive Lander
Just Hook Up FB Style Lander
Just Hook Up Naked Tattoo Page
Just Hook Up New LP
Just Hook Up Purple LP
Just Hook Up Social Black
Just Hook Up Style 10 Black
Just Hook Up Style XXX Lander
Just Hook Up White Bikini LP
Just Hook Up X Rated Black Lander
LDSPlanet 30+ (US/CA)
Local Cheaters (SOI) US, CA, UK, AU 24+
Love Again US – FB App
LoveScanner FB App CAN
LoveScanner FB App- AUS
LoveScanner FB App- UK
Match Dating UK
Match UK (Display)
Mate1 CPS Email (Males 25+) US + INTL [Trial] (5784)
Mate1 White Label (Males 25+ SOCIAL) – INTL (5781)
MatureSinglesClick 50+ (5655) tier 2 US (50+)
MatureXMatch 18+
MatureXMatch Males 35+
Mobile Pin Submit AU (WAP) Android or iPhone 4
Naughty Over SOI Mature Blond LP
OurTime 50+ (US/CA) US (30-60)
Place4Two – FB App – AUS
Place4Two – FB App – AUS (FB PPC)
Place4Two – FB APP – UK
Place4Two – FB App – US
Place4Two – FB App – US (FB PPC)
Place4Two – FB App -UK(FB PPC)
PlanetSappho – UK ONLY!
RichMen – Females Only (SOI) 18+ US/UK/CA
Rude Finder Grid Style X LP
Rude Finder New LP
Rude Finder Slags 18+ SOI (Adult LP)
Rude Finder
Rude Finder Sluts 18+ SOI (Adult LP)
Rude Finder
Rude Finder X Female LP
RudeFInder 18+ SOI X LP X LP
Senior People Meet 45+ (US/CA)
Shagaholic UK
Shagaholic US SOI
Single Parents Meet 30+ (US/CA)
SoisSecret (FR) – DOI
True Activated Tier 3 Asian LP Tier 2 (SOI) US, CA, UK, AU 24+
Wubie – FB App – UK
Wubie – FB App – US
Wubie -FB App- AUS(FB PPC)
Wubie -FB App- US(FB PPC)
Wubie- FB App – AUS
Wubie- FB App- UK(FB PPC)
XXXDating (SOI) US, CA, UK, AU 24+

User Comment:
just signed up. mentioned my stm username in comments.

User Comment:
Thank you for signing up with us gamer2x, we will reach out to you today .

STM, have you tried our exclusives HornyPlumps (US & UK versions) and CuteHookUp? If not, you’re missing out!

User Comment:
Just signed up and mentioned STM and my username in the comments. Looking to test some of your dating offers which I see you have a lot of!


User Comment:
Hey all, thanks very much for signing up. As many of you know, we were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. We are fully caught up with all of the essentials (particularly payments that we were unable to send out because myself and my accountant did not have power). I BELIEVE we are caught up with STM applicants as well. If we have not gone through your account with you, and you have signed up mentioning your STM username, please let me know by PM’ing me directly and I will make sure we get your account set up early this week!

Thanks for all of the support that the community constantly gives CPATrend. We always have your back as well!

User Comment:
Dear Philip,

I just signed up with your network using the name Adrien Kwong. And I have received your questionnaire email and replied to it. I have mentioned my STM user name there.

Hope to work with CPATrend asap!


User Comment:
Hey Adrien,

We have reached out . Look forward to working with you.


User Comment:
My application never got approved nor have I been contacted by anyone. Please let me know how can I get hold of any of you. I want to give you a try

User Comment:
you call them not they call you

User Comment:
Hey rockit, please PM me your email/name so I can look into this for you.

@hd2010, quite the contrary with us. If we see an application that interests us, we call the applicant to have a phone interview. We are extremely strict with approvals, and only approve approximately 1-2% of applicants. However, we receive a large amount of applications, and sometimes it takes us a couple of days to get around to them, and sometimes good apps slip through the cracks.

Any STM members who we have not reached out to, simply PM me your email/name and we will look into your application for you.

Thanks all, and I hope you all had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving with your loved ones .

User Comment:
Hi Philip. I replied to the email you guys sent out and was wondering if I could follow up on the application. The name I signed up with is Anthony Reyes. Thanks!

User Comment:
I have applied 5-6 days back no reply yet.

User Comment:
Hey Anthony, all set from the looks of it .

thechintanshah — can you please PM me with your email address that you signed up with, I’m not really sure who you are.

Thanks all. As always, feel free to post any questions here or contact us directly.

User Comment:
Hi Philip. I have applied, can you please approve. thanks

User Comment:
Hi Phil,
Just applied to CPATrends and I’ve returned the questionnaire. I’m new to affiliate marketing and I’ve explained all in my response – Looking forward to hearing back from you guys!


User Comment:
Thanks for applying guys. Please note CPATrend will be closed until Wednesday, so applications will not be processed until then. Happy holidays everybody!

User Comment:
I’ve just applied! I mentioned STM. CPATrend looks amazing for dating offers which is my main focus!

User Comment:
Hi Philip,

I have sign up your network last few days ago,and PM to you regarding my status application.I have received your question and replied to you from the email.Hope to joined your network as soon as possible.

User Comment:
just applied and entered STM name in the comment box, should I reply to the email with the info?

User Comment:
Hey guys, best way of getting approved to CPATrend quicker would be to contact Andrew Maya. Here is his contact info:

Skype – AndrewMaya80389
Email – [email protected]

Include in the email your stackthatmoney username, and email address that you signed up with and we will expedite your applications.


User Comment:
I vouch very very highly for CPAtrend, not only a strong network that does everything right but also Phil and Andrew, absolute mad dogs.

User Comment:
^^ Thanks man, means a lot!

User Comment:
I applied too, added you and andrew on skype phil


User Comment:
I believe everybody has been handled for the most part that has posted. Thanks everybody for applying and for the great business we’ve been able to develop from our STM partners. As always, please contact us to expedite your application .

User Comment:
Hey Philip, looking for some good DE adult dating offers. I just applied and mentioned my username on comments box.


User Comment:
Sounds great Paul, we’ve been building up our DE adult offer base, so excited for you to test what we’ve got!

Our team will reach out to you first thing Monday.


User Comment:
Just applied! Looking forward to working with you guys.

User Comment:
Hi Philip,

I applied last week, and I am still waiting for approval. I can start running campaigns immediately. Looking forward to working with you guys.

User Comment:
Hey cpasuperstar — please PM me your email address and name and I will make sure we get in touch with you as soon as possible on Monday (we can schedule a time for a call as we’re on different time zones).

Don’t like to post too much about our new offers and all that jazz, but we launched about 30 new dating offers in our network over the past 2 weeks. For those of you who are not currently working with us, take a gander and find out what’s hot .

User Comment:
If anybody believes they qualify for our network, and either has not applied yet, or has not been contacted, add me on skype and lets chat!

CPATrend is the top network in the industry for dating offers. We have never missed a payment in almost 4 years (I challenge you to try to find one person who has not been paid by us for non-fraudulent traffic they sent and I will give you $500 ), and we work for our affiliates, not against them. Affiliates spend enough time worrying about the ups and downs of their campaigns, their ads drying out, retro-disapprovals, etc. Leave the rest to us.

User Comment:
Hi Philip – just applied and look forward to hopefully working together .

User Comment:
Thanks for your interest Tom, I see your application and I will have an approvals manager reach out first thing tomorrow!

User Comment:
Hi Phil I just put in an application, but it says I have already applied. I’m not sure if it’s an error or if I clicked twice by accident
anyways can’t wait to start working together!

User Comment:
Hey there dreamtime! Thanks for applying, looks like Alex got you all set up with us. Looking forward to working with you too!

User Comment:
Hi Philip, I have applied for CPATrend. I have pmed you my email id and also added you and Andrew on skype. Looking forward to run some big adult dating offers with CPATrend.

User Comment:
Hey Smitas,

Looks like you and Alex spoke and she approved you! Welcome to the network. I apologize for any delays.

User Comment:
If you are not working with CPATrend already, feel free to contact me here or on skype. Happy to get some more STM members expedited approvals.

User Comment:
CPATrend just brought on a new exclusive offer:

The offer pays $12.00 per sale (the sale can be any amount, whether it’s $5.00 or $100.00).
The site offers a myriad of eco-friendly, carcinogen-free baby products, cleaning products, soaps/shampoo, and much more.

Perfect offer for mommy shoppers & "green" traffic. Feel free to reach out to us or sign up if you aren’t already a member of CPATrend to run the offer.

User Comment:
Hey All,

Been a while since I’ve posted here, apologies for lack of presence, but we have been around and kickin’ of course.

If there is anybody with any questions, do not hesitate to contact me via PM here, skype/AIM or email ([email protected]). Happy to answer any questions or help speed along approvals.

We have brought on many new mainstream/adult dating offers, amongst other offers outside of dating!

User Comment:
CPATrend is giving away a free iPad to any and all affiliates who generate $10,000.00 or more in September.

Please visit our blog for more information:

If you need help getting your account expedited, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

We look forward to giving away lots of iPads!

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