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Hey how are ya’s!

I am getting back into Facebook after a long stretch with PPV and was wondering what the general consensus is about cpc or cpm?

I’ve heard lots about people moving onto CPC nowadays, but does cpm still work well?

Cheers and thanks heaps

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I know they made changes to their model a while back. I use to do CPM, but lately CPC. Seems now with CPM you get a ton more impressions but not so good quality. I’d start your campaigns off with CPC for now and if you can manage a good CTR test CPM, but CPM isn’t what it use to be on Facebook that’s for sure.

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CPC all the way!

CPC in a way gives you better placements since FB only get paid when someone clicks. Because of this they won’t put that ad on app traffic or other less clicked pages when they could put CPM ads there so they know they make money.

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Been bidding CPC and yeah, cpc is dropping like crazy

Thanks guys!

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Here’s some good info for ya… Case Study: Facebook Ads – CPC versus CPM

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I still say test…….was running a offer in a land far far away……I got the cpc to 1 cent (low as you can get) BUT the cpm around .6 cents cpc……..I think it can’t be a blanket statement…..the quality seems to be better on cpc sometimes but I still think its worth a test esp in countries with lower cpm’s…….

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I haven’t made CPM work in a long time – but I work predominantly in the larger English based countries lately. So CPC has been working a lot better for me.

I can see where CPM would work in international countries with a low CPM bid for sure.

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Contrary to what many people believe, CPM still does work well. It depends on your targeting and angle. I’ve had profitable CPM campaigns in the past 45 days..all US/CA (some did $500+/day profit)..but the volume is much lower than CPC ads in my experience.

CPC = better ctr + more volume + better quality for sure. But don’t ignore CPM. Test everything.

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