CPS with PPV?

Hello, I just joined and I’ve learned a lot so far. Thanks!

Has anyone had success selling physical products with PPV? Any tips?


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Problem I’ve found is most CPS offers with enough traffic to their site don’t allow PPV sources.

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yes, I have had and have success with CPS.

It takes more time and money than CPA, but if you have both. CPS can be well worth it since it seems to last longer and be more stable.

I have no issue with companies, as long as, my traffic backs out. And, as with all, my relations. We both go through a test phase.

Me; to see if they pay me. Them; to see if the traffic backs out.

When both are happy I ask for a pay bump and exclusive and look for the next winner

"its just a numbers game"

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thanks guys!

more time and money
is not good news
but im willing to make it work
because i need something
a little more stable and value-added than cpa.

phoenix, its interesting to find out that you work directly with the merchant…
i was thinking more of a cj, amazon, omaha steaks, vista prints type thing
but you present an interesting angle

i was thinking about a landing page
with a free "informational package" for opt-in..
then follow-up with a couple emails…

what is your general approach phoenix?

at this point im strictly dealing with traffic vance.


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there is a not-so-approved angle here……that requires a certain amount of finesse as to how to do it without getting your payment yanked…..

also things to consider are the terms most these offers carry…..can require you to carry quite a lot of cash… least with the big ones share-a-sale, cj, pepperjam…..

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i agree p.b. ….

i wouldnt link direct… more like blogs or websites with affiliate links…
these blogs and websites would also be optimized for seo…

again.. more work

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Maybe I’m not getting the point, but polarbacon, what do you mean you have to carry quite a lot of cash? You mean because you will need to test more since there will be fewer ‘sales’ than ‘actions’ in a CPA offer? I’m guessing something else since you were mentioning the terms of the offers.. care to elaborate? I’m looking at some CPS offers now and planning to use a LP that is also accessible through other means (SEO, other PPC). I would then use PPV to get people to the LP, any conversions from there on should be good, no? The merchant would just see it as coming from the LP and I don’t need to tell them where the visitors came from originally. Maybe I’m being naive, we’ll see )

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what I am saying is return on money spent ie.traffic….spending 100/day on tarffic having to "carry" that for 30-45 or even 60 days days….as opposed to 7days with most cpa networks…….does that help….

and you can go direct via PPV…..I was just hinting towards the fact you need to do it a certain way……at most CPS networks PPV traffic of any kind is prohibited……

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method is really simple:

pop page that looks like it belongs to the offer site (without copyright infringement)

pop to demographics of the site (alexa, quantcast) [ I like the middle of the list vs the top or bottom ]

pop to sites with the same keywords and targets that are relevant to the offer site (likes like like!) [spyfu, Iespionage, keywordspy]

I use trafficvance, lead impact, adon & mediatraffic.

The cost is testing the pop page before the offer, but well worth it.


An added advantage is that you can find sites to do direct site buys from at a cheaper CPM and higher ROI then CPV allows.

but thats another thread…


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ah ok, gotcha! I will mostly be ‘testing the waters’ so cashflow isn’t much of an issue for me yet, hopefully it will be something on my mind soon
Would ‘a certain way’ have anything to do with redirecting?

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Thanks Phoenix… great tips!

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yw, one of the things I love about CPS is the world of stats become relevant again where most short lived campaigns. Relevant stats numbers are pretty bogus. Difference between trading something that will be around and creates trends and something that has a limited supply and can be gone at any moment. Both realities, both handled differently. CPS can allow you to have a longer run. Look how long Pro-activ has been around and now they are both CPS AND CPA offer! From what I have seen people tend to make money in lead gen and CPA then move to CPS. There is no one right way IMHO.


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