CPVLab 2.13 Update News – Soon…..

Its in testing right now and will no doubt be with us soon!

Some great new features:

We’ve added a great deal of new features in this update:
– Hide Inactive Campaigns
– Group Campaigns and view stats for specific groups
– Determine what extra tokens get passed all the way to the
offer, or stop them at the landing page
– Cloaking URLs
– Speed optimizations, including a simple interface to
remove your old, unwanted data to free up server resources
– Quite a few other features as well…

My favourites and long time feature requests:

Hide inactive campaigns

And not listed above but I understand from Robert this is included as well:
Hide some of yoru custom URL parameters in Stats View (essential if your doing mobile and want to view performance by Carrier only for example),

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passing revenue data via postback url/pixel?

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Now if they only could capture referrers as well

Actually that just gave me an idea!!!!!

Watch this space!

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Wondering if the PPC version ever gets released…

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alex -> yes actually I forgot to add that in.

I asked robert the question and:

My question:
* pass variables in the post back URL – cookies don’t work very well on mobile and to track conversions I need to use a post back URL that can pass the required details like: offer, payout, subid without relying on cookies

—————> Yes, this has been added in the 2.13 update…in the 2.12 update we added the ability to postback the subid, now we’ve added any additional parameter to pass back.

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Great news. I might actually pick this up, finally, now that the stats wow’ed me in one of your tutorials (I think it was the $30/d ppv camp)

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check whether there are any vouchers left

ppvnb -> ill ask Brandon when I see him at adtech.

I know they are working hard at it, but at the same time are making sure cpvlab gets better and better.

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Originally Posted by ppvnewbie

Wondering if the PPC version ever gets released…

I use the current version for PPC just fine….

the latest version 2.12 blocks the common adbots from the stats……

The Article Published IN 09-20-2011 08:58 AM

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