CPVLab conversion question

Just installed CPV lab and have run into a problem.

I’m looking at Campaign Stats / Target Performance to try to determine which page is doing best per target. In this example I have 2 pages: "Pop Up 1" and "Pop Up 2" and target "".

Sequence is: Pop Up Page > iFrame (iframe has the conversion pixel on it)

It tracks views fine until there is a conversion – at which point it bumps the conversion down to a new line item, taking the view and the conversion away from the original Page 1 or Page 2 listing.

So instead of Pop Up 2 showing 4 views and 1 conversion, it shows 3 click and no conversions, then a new line item with 1 click and 1 conversion.

(P.S. just noticed it’s doing it with click thru’s too)

doesn’t seem right to me… is this how it’s supposed to work?

Example: As you can see below it’s taking the View and the conversion away from Pop Up 2 and putting it on a new line after a conversion happens. Any ideas?

Before Conversion

After Conversion (Bumps down to new line item)

Click Thru Example: this is 1 page with 6 views and 2 clickthrus. it’s moved both clickthrus to a new line

User Comment:
Your using Reports for that right, rather then the stats view?

What version of cpvlab are you using. 2.12?

I thought this had been fixed in 2.12

User Comment:
These screen shots are from Stats View under the Header: "Target Performance" with the "Pages" selected to be shown.

not sure of version but it was downloaded just a few days ago.

User Comment:
2.12 it is then.

Thats weird I have not had that issue at all in the Stats view. I did have it in the Reporting view after uploading data.

That to me looks like a bug. I would drop a note to support.

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