CPVlab – Engage %

Hey How do you guys read this?

I set the engage to 3. I know the number means seconds.


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well…. personally I never found it very useful….I tried to get some bearings with it at one point and using it to judge intrest but its really not a great tool… get much better metrics with some kinda heat map

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i mostly use it weed out junk traffic sources on 2nd tier traffic. if i see most of the hits from certain sites/pubs have zero engage rate, i assume its just a shit traffic source since their not even looking at my page for a second before they close it.

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yep thats how i use engagement rate as all.

also – and no statistical evidence here – but often it looks like there is some relationship between engagement + ctr = conversions

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Yeah , what tijn said.

Just make sure that you use that metric for popup/ppc traffic , not for popunder traffic ( engage rate will be 80%+ and carries no value ).

The Article Published IN 10-01-2011 03:30 AM

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